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Alumni Professional Development

Alumni Professional Development consists of virtual webinars that expand the professional development that is offered annually to each leadership cohort. All faculty and staff from colleges that have purchased a license, and all lifetime alumni can attend the webinars without additional costs. These virtual webinars are held in conjunction with the OLE sessions.

Professional Development

Our signature Professional Development programs help you develop a foundation for long-term professional success.

NCCCLAG Professional Development Calendar

We are kicking off the 2023-2024 professional development series! Listed below are descriptions of the events this season. Register today.
All Professional Development Events are free to our Lifetime Alumni Members. These virtual webinars are held in conjunction with the OLÉ sessions.

Registration Information


Verify that your college has a license OR
that you are a NCCCL Alumni Group Lifetime Member


Great! Now that we have verified either your college license or NCCCLAG lifetime membership, here is the information on how to register for the OLÈ sessions:

Professional Development & OLÉ Webinar Sessions

Archived Webinar Sessions

Throughout the year, we offer innovative programs to enrich your personal and professional experience.

We want to hear YOUR ideas!

  • Would you like to be a presenter for NCCCLAG?
  • What sessions have you attended in the past that you would recommend?
  • Do you have Professional Development Ideas for NCCCLAG’s future events?